Sun Islands Hawaii has a team of experts working internationally to bring you the best possible product in Hawaii.

T=We know just how important new and exciting product can be and how individual these needs need to be met.

WIth that in mind, we have traveled the Hawaiian Islands to find just the right product to fit your client's individual needs.

THus, our "Unique Accommodations" have been included in our product launch.

T=Discover the comforts of an apartment style accommodation, a home away from home, perfect for your Hawaiian holiday.

SOme of the units offer fully equipped kitchens, while others offer kitchenettes, apartment type of amenities, or a truly defined bed and breakfast with breakfast service daily.

EAch one is "unique" and each one has special features that are noted throughout our product line.

T=Most have limited check in times and it is strongly suggested that for any "unique accommodation" that your clients consider a car hire.

MAny of the transportation companies do not service the locations of these properties.

SInce the properties have limited access for check in, any arrivals after 6:00 p.m. in Hawaii clients will have to select either an airport or city hotel for their first night stay.

E Hele Mai Okou!
(Come to us!)